Applicable to ALL age divisions 


5% of Overall Score 

Contestants will be required to fill out an 'About me' resume that contains information about you, hobbies, achievements, community & charity work. Don’t worry if you are a pageant newbie, the resume is not judged on what you have done in pageants but you on your achievements as a whole. This is viewed and scored by the judges and is another tool to find out more about you that may not come across in the intro & interview. 

* Template provided. Resume to be filled out and send to the office 1 week before the UK finals. 


INTRODUCTION 15% of Overall Score  & INTERVIEW 30% of overall score

Finalists will be required to perform a 1 minute introduction about themselves & their platforms to a panel of judges. Immediately following this the contestant will have a 2 minute interview. 

Royal International Miss competition



Finalist will take to the stage to perform a choreographed opening routine in a WHITE or Silver outfit of choice. 

The finalists will also introduce themselves to the audience via a microphone.

* photo from internationals  


25% of Overall Score 

Finalists will take to the stage and showcase their personality and catwalk skills in fun fashion. 

No rules on outfit, choose something that you feel represents your personality and you can model onstage. 


25% of Overall Score

Finalists will take to the stage and showcase their poise and elegance in evening gown.


Must be floor length.